Nov 5, 2016
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Top 10 Wackiest Condoms You Can Actually Buy

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And here are other Top 10 strange, cool, ridiculous, and absud condoms

10.Bacon condoms

For those who prefer a side of meat with their meat.

9.Louis Vuitton condoms

These babies give whole new meaning to the term “label whore.”

8.Obama Condom

If you are in the mood and you want a condom, get this Obama condom now with shipping charge of $3 dollars. But, hey, “use it with good judgement”.

7.Gumby condoms

When childhood and adulthood collide.

6.KISS “kondoms”

Because who wouldn’t want to be penetrated by the face of Gene Simmons?

5.Whiskey Condom

Might as well continue the theme that got her to this point.

4.Condometric condoms

No more lying about how big you are on your Grindr profile. The “Condometric” comes with a ruler printed on the side to show precisely how well you measure up.

3.Phosphorescent condoms

No more fumbling around in the shadows. Phosphorescent condoms glow in the dark and are appropriate in almost any situation.

2.Customize Condom

“MyFace Condoms” are FDA approved, lubricated condoms which are customizable to include your name, picture, special message or anything else you choose. But apparently the custom’s images only appear on the condom wrapper, it would be funnier if the images were printed directly on the condom.

1.Dinosaur Condom

A bit of a sexual fossil? Then this dinosaur condom is for you! It costs £2.50 but although you can actually use it as a condom, the product page doesn’t guarantee you will be protected.


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