Nov 2, 2016
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Top 10 Truly Awful Victoria’s Secret Photoshop Fails

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10. What is going on with this model’s leg?

This Victoria’s Secret model has unusually shaped legs … some of the time.

9. This model’s waist seems partially altered.

Well, in Victoria’s Secret-ville they say, this lady’s right hip grew three sizes that day.

8. Perfect body?

This woman’s also 11 feet tall, and half of that is torso. Imagine how hard it is for her to tie shoes. Very sad.

7. This Victoria’s Secret model seems to have lost her arm in Photoshop translation.

They didn’t bother to include both arms, but they made sure her waist was pointedly defined.

6. What is going on with this model’s thigh gap?

This severe thigh gap can only be achieved by strict diet, moderate exercise, and spending 72 hours straight on a very large horse.

5. Poor Lais Ribeiro. It looks like someone took out part of her waist.

No need for that pesky other rib cage when you are 11 feet tall and have hands that reach your knees.

4. What’s wrong with your shoulders, Candice?

Her waist is the size of one of her shoulders. No one saw a problem with that before hitting “save”?

3. Can I have my hips back 

That smoldering look says it all: “Hey, you sexy thing… can I have my hips back before I tip over?”


GHOST HAND. Someone help this poor woman!

1. Sizeist purse ever

The purse was deemed too fat for the photo. So sizeist.


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