Sep 30, 2016
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Top 10 Things Your Girl Should Better Never Know

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10. Your actual conquest count

It’s one thing to brag to friends, but this isn’t something to tell your partner about, and she is going to ask.

You can give a rough estimate, but she doesn’t need exact dates, names and circumstances.

9. Where your money goes

Your finances are separate — for now. If you end up taking the plunge you will probably share a bank account.

Until that point, it’s fine if she knows your approximate salary and a few of your monthly bills but she doesn’t need to know where your extra cash goes each month.

8. ongoing parental dependency

She wants a man that can take care of her and not go running to mommy when he is broke or when he can’t get that fresh press into his dress shirt.

If you aren’t a big boy that can do everything for yourself, at least act like you’ve got your life under control.

7. Your weaknesses and fears

Every man has weaknesses. It could be the sight of blood or the sound of a dentist’s drill. It’s what makes us human.

It’s fine if your woman figures these out on her own, but don’t admit all the things that make you cry like a little boy.

Stay tough. You can freak out when no one is around.

6. Your bathroom activities

Men are oddly proud of what goes on in the bathroom, but make absolutely no mistake, women have no interest.

They have potty issues of their own to deal with so they don’t need to know the size, aroma or frequency of your trips to the porcelain palace.

5. Your friends’ moral shortcomings

It’s expected that couples share all the dirty little secrets about their friends. What you tell one person in a couple, you are really telling both.

This is a bad idea as far as your friends are concerned, especially those you hang out with on a regular basis.

4. Your masturbation frequency

Even if you are having more sex than a Vegas bouncer, men still occasionally have to, let’s say, work things out for themselves.

There is nothing wrong with releasing a little sexual energy while the little lady isn’t around.

3. Your cheating past

you made mistakes in the past. You cheated on girlfriends. You might screw up again, but then again, She will think “once a cheater, always a cheater” and always be second-guessing you.

She will accuse you even when you are 100% innocent. She will carry around the doubt forever.

2. Your ex-girlfriend memorabilia

Guys don’t decorate, or at least not on purpose If they weren’t bought with her dime, then she was at least around when you made the purchase.

CD and DVDs from her collection and little reminders of her around the place that you just haven’t gotten around to throwing away. They don’t mean anything to you anyway.

The same can’t be said for your woman.

1. Your ex-girlfriend memories

Do you need to know every gripe she has with her ex-boyfriend or how they would do the crossword before breakfast?

She doesn’t need to know every detail (good or bad) of your past relationships like she is catching up on her favorite shows on the Soap Network.


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