Feb 2, 2017
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Top 10 Most Talked About Celebrity Private Photo Leaks

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Kelly Brook is the latest one who has reportedly been the victim of a sceond hackers attack. But, she isn’t the first celebrity to get caught in the middle of a nude photo leak scandal, and she won’t be the last.

Here are Top 10 of the most talked about celebrity nude photo leaks, proving that while it may not be ideal, those photos don’t have to ruin anyone’s career.

10. Kim Kardashian

In at number 10 is the unabashed, attention loving Kim Kardashian. With a body like Kim’s, natural or not, you’d expect her to rank a lot higher than 10th place, but because we’ve all become so familiar with every dangerous curve on the reality star, thanks to a certain sex tape and numerous nude magazine spreads, it’s not really news anymore when her private nudes leak.

9. Romeo Miller

Better known as Lil’ Romeo, the former rapper’s manhood suspiciously made its way online in 2013, to our pleasant surprise, and confirmed exactly why the rapper-turned-actor decided to drop the Lil’.

The very impressive full frontal mirror selfie looks to have been taken for one lucky recipient (we wonder who), who likely turned into the perpetrator when things went sour.

The simple do’s and don’ts of successfully sending nudes: Do send to someone trustworthy. Don’t include your face!

8. Cassie

Longtime girlfriend of P.Diddy Combs and singer Cassie’s nudes leaked back in 2009, revealing some very interesting and painful looking body piercings. In one picture, Cassie leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, posing spread eagle while someone else took the shot (we wonder who had the honors).

In an interview with radio personality JoJo Wright, Cassie admits to having taken the naughty pics for none other than her boyfriend, and storing them in her gmail account, which she maintains was broken into by hackers.

7. Chris Brown

As unlikable as the R&b singer is, we hate to admit how impressive Chris brown’s nudes are. One time fling and ex-adult entertainment star, Kagney Linn Karter allegedly leaked the full frontal of Chris using Twitter to fully expose him, and also claims that the star hired her as an escort for an impressive $2500.

Although we would all like to believe this story is nothing but the truth, Chris denies ever having met the young woman. Her twitter account was suspended shortly afterwards.

6. Christina Hendricks

Beautifully voluptuous Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks, has famously declared that she would never accept a role that calls for any nudity, thanks to her values and her desire to be taken seriously.

Ironically though, a short year later, private photos of the serious actress posing seductively and baring her 32F breasts were leaked.

5. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens’ nudes leaked for the first time when she was a minor in 2007. The then 17 year old High School Musical actress’s squeaky clean Disney image was instantly tarnished.

Vanessa has had two additional nude leaks since, in 2009 and 2014, and we must say, they’ve gotten more and more scandalous each time.

4. Scarlett Johansson

Before shooting a nude scene in the movie Under The Skin, Scarlett Johansonn took some personal nude photos with the intention of sending them to her husband at the time, Ryan Reynolds.

The curvaceous blonde identified her hacker as Christopher Chaney, who plead guilty to all charges back in 2011, and also admitted to hacking into the private accounts of several other female stars.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

In 2014, just weeks before the release of not one, but two major motion pictures starring Jennifer Lawrence, nude photos of the actress in an obviously intimate and private setting, made their way online.

In some of the photos, Jennifer can be seen in shockingly provocative poses with……props. In her defense, Jennifer was the first of many other female celebrities at around the same time to have their nudes leaked, but for Jlaw, the timing suspiciously coincided with two projects set for release.

2. Rihanna

Another naked body most of the world is very familiar with by now, Rihanna has had tons of nudes leak over the years. And each time it feels like Christmas Day! Uh, for her fans, I’m sure.

It may only be April but who knows, we could wake up tomorrow and it could be Christmas again.

1. Prince Harry

A member of British royalty is not someone you would expect to be in the middle of a nude photo scandal. But Prince Harry isn’t exactly your traditional example of royalty. During a trip to Las Vegas, the prince participated in a game of strip billiards, and clearly he lost, because photos of him in his birthday suit popped up on the internet a few months later.

Prince Harry’s comments on the scandal are remorseful, and he said the photos are a classic example of him being “too much army, and not enough prince.”


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