Oct 10, 2016
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Top 10 Sexiest Lingerie Ads That Prove the Bra Is Absolutely Perfect How It Is

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10. Emporio Armani, 2012

Yes, Rihanna in sexy lingerie !

9. Fortnight Lingerie

Super Sexy CPR!

8. Victoria’s Secret, 1996

Supermodel, one-time magician’s wife and all-time beautiful lady Claudia Schiffer sparked backlash from ABC, NBC and CBS when her ad was classed as being too sensual for TV.

7. Agent Provocateur, 2012

So: the woman’s a hero. (And the thief is as slow as molasses).

I mean, it is a lingerie ad, so they had to get her clothes off somehow.

6. Liaison Dangereuse, 2009

Now she is an agent provocateur.

5. Ann Summers, 2008

“Give Him Wood”

4. Agent Provocateur, 2010

After watching this ad, it’s clear that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is quite the thespian after all. Just watch the natural way in which her hips move during this lap dance. That, people, is called the Meisner technique.

3. La Senza Lingerie, 2010

“The Cup-Size Choir.”

2. Fortnight lingerie, 2011

Is this the most helpful lingerie video ever made? Yes. Yes it is.

1. Agent Provacateur, 2006

Kylie Minogue put her world-famous derriere to good use on a mechanical bull and then embarrassed men everywhere by asking them to stand up at the end. Viral lingerie epicness.

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