Feb 20, 2017
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Top 10 Hottest Babes From Power Rangers

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The Power Rangers franchise has astounded so many by being able to survive longer than most TV shows deserve to. 

Of course, a key reason for its popularity has been the show’s ability to cast some very attractive ladies.

It’s easy to look at the ladies as just the Rangers themselves but there have been slews of hotties from their supporting characters and even the bad guys.

Here are 10 of the best from the franchise and why Power Rangers continues to hold a unique sway over two generations.

10. Mia – Samurai

Erika Fong was quite the looker for the first new Rangers series under the Nick label.

The Pink Ranger, Mia was a great fighter who enjoyed action with her dark hair flowing behind her and not bad a singer either.

9. Gia – Mega Force

If you’ve caught her in paparazzi pics, you’ll know Ciara Hanna more than fills out a bikini nicely.

She has all-American looks of lush blonde hair and blue eyes, more of a tomboy but still quite the beauty with leather jacket over her yellow shirt and an affinity for dark pants that enhance her rear end and nice legs.

Great in a fight, she does well over the series in good scenes and a great funny smirk and showcases how even the later entries in the franchise offer more than their share of amazingly hot ladies.

8. Tori – Ninja Storm

The first series in the franchise after its move to ABC, Ninja Storm focused on a trio of extreme athletes fighting evil as Rangers.

Tori was a surfer which means Sally Martin got plenty of opportunities to show off in bikinis and did it well.

Her usual outfit was by no means bad either as she made the dark ninja robes look quite hot and her long blonde hair adding to her appeal.

7. Maya – Lost Galaxy

Set on an outer space colony, most of the cast of this version went around in dark jumpsuits.

The exception was Maya, a jungle girl played by Cerina Vincent who went about in a yellow dress and leather boots with a bare midriff.

It was quite the sight and Vincent made it work wonderfully as an action girl who enjoyed getting dirty, her curly brown hair flowing as she swung on vines and fighting enemies and filling out her yellow suit quite nicely.

6. Kat – MMPR/Zeo/Turbo

Kat’s Aussie accent and long blonde hair also made her stand out and a bright presence for the series so no wonder male viewers fell for her hard.

Retired from acting today, Sutherland still looks great and helped make this one Kat with several lives for fans to enjoy.

5. Tenaya – RPM

Intended to be the last entry in the franchise, RPM had an evil artificial intelligence conquering most of the world.

As part of his schemes, he created Tenaya 7 to infiltrate a human city. That didn’t work too well as it’s pretty hard to put Adelaide Kane in a skintight brown suit and expect her to go unnoticed.

Her sexy smirk highlighted the character with the odd silver crown and black hair to make her a fury in combat and even using a visor did nothing to hide her sex appeal.

4. Lilly – Jungle Fury

Ninja trained, Lilly and her fellow Rangers had to stop an evil lord from conquering the world but still having a fun time working at a pizza place.

Anna Hutchison imbued the role with great humor that made Lilly look great no matter whether in yellow suit or regular clothes and the episode of her turned into a leather-clad “bad girl” was quite hot as hell.

3. Summer – RPM

Originally, Summer was a rich spoiled brat more interested in fine clothing and parties than anything else.

The world conquered by machines forced her to grow up fast and was soon riding a motorcycle with ease and more at home in a leather suit.

Rose McIver was terrific in the role, imbuing Summer with smarts and drive as well as looking great and inspiring others.

McIver has since gone on to bigger fame for Masters of Sex and starring in the hit CW series iZombie but many still remember her for living up to her name as a truly hot female Ranger to spark up this entry in the franchise.

2. Kira – Dino Thunder

Unique for being the only girl on her Ranger team, Kira was an aspiring singer whose fashion sense was jeans and long-sleeves rather than showing off but quite beautiful with her long dark hair and bright eyes.

She had the power to unleash a sonic cry to knock enemies back and Emma Lahana was truly great as this spunky gal who could show off in nice songs.

1. Kimberly – MMPR

A case of the first still being the best.

The original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson used her real gymnastics experience for the part of Kimberly, always ready with a quip, loving shopping and nice clothes and clearly having the time of her life in the part.

Johnson was so vibrant and funny that she helped the show become a hit for her fashions if nothing else.


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