Oct 12, 2016
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This Is What Happened When A Couple Asked the Internet to Photoshop Their Holiday Snap

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That’s what this US couple got when they posted a photo of themselves embracing on a beach with a request for assistance in removing the island from the background of the image.

Of course, the internet responded in a predictably weird and wonderful way.

While another thought they needed some beach activities… using the island

At least this guy actually got rid of the island. It’s just a shame Photoshop isn’t his calling

Because what says romance like Godzilla? 

Or a trumpical rainbow? (Sorry)

Because a game of Mario always seems relevant 

And putting them in an other world entirely seems like a great way to disguise the much-hated island

This guy’s very much hoping to be the next Picasso

They seem to be kinda in the way in this one

And very edible in this one

Just… what? 

We’re betting she won’t be asking for anything else from the internet any time soon.

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