Nov 16, 2016
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Street Fighter 5 Story Mode Revealed, But Something Just Gets Freaky

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Street Fighter 5 is fast approaching, and it’s going to have the most substantial story mode in the series history.

When the game drops on February 16, players will get the chance to play through individual character stories that reveal more about their respective roles in the game, and their relationships with the other fighters.

However, things get pretty freaky when you switch up the movesets and animations available to your favorite Street Fighter character. The results are as strange as they are hilarious.

Take, for instance, Laura. Typically, she looks like this:

That’s definitely not what she looks like when you make her move like Birdie, a different Street Fighter character.

If you’re up for more hijinks, here’s one more swap video.

Street Fighter 5 will be out on February 16th for PlayStation 4 and PC.


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