Jan 30, 2017
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Miss Bumbum Contestants Sparks Controversy as Recreating the Last Supper Painting

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The 2016 Miss Bumbum beauty pageant has sparked major outrage in Brazil after the contestants recreated popular religious painting, Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Super.

From the photo shared online, eight models competing for the big butt crown are portrayed as Jesus Christ and his followers having the historical supper before his crucifixion.

Religious leaders branded the remake of the Da Vinci masterpiece “deeply disrespectful” and even Brazil’s religious intolerance commission condemned the picture.

Even one of the women involved said she regretted posing for the shot and said she had “asked forgiveness from God for a great sin”.

Now in its sixth year, Miss Bumbum is one of Brazil’s most hotly-disputed beauty contests with winners becoming overnight celebrities and often going on to earn millions and modelling contracts and endorsements.

After a public vote, the 27 contestants, each representing a Brazilian state, are whittled down to 15 who then battle it out in a live final on November 9.

Daiana Fegueredo, representing the state of Ceara, was chosen to play Jesus in the photo as her bottom received the most number of phone votes, making her the frontrunner in the race for the coveted title.

But she said she now regrets agreeing to taking part: “I did the photo because of my contract. But I didn’t like it and I wasn’t happy about it. You can’t play around with the word of God.”

While the Catholic community boils, the organisers are yet to speak up or apologise. What do you think?

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