Oct 13, 2016
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Meet the Androgynous Angel You Won’t See On the Victoria’s Secret Runway

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That luscious-haired, long-limbed and perky-boobed look is the epitome of traditional femininity.

It’s a beauty standard that’s all too narrow for most people to fit, nor should they need to — which is the case one androgynous model is making with some lingerie photos of her own.

Rain Dove, the 26-year-old androgynous model who is often mistaken for a man or transgender woman because of her short hair and strong features, wanted to prove this point by recreating Victoria’s Secret ads as seen in the brand’s holiday catalogue.

She then Photoshopped actual Victoria’s Secret models’ faces onto her 6’2 frame and hourglass figure (her measurements are 32DD-26-34) and did a side-by-side of her photos and the edited versions to prove that beauty is, indeed, subjective.

“Different can be sexy, too,” Dove said in a press statement. “Every year I see Victoria’s Secret promote their show as featuring the ‘most beautiful women in the world.’

“During my career path I’ve experienced firsthand what people deem as beautiful. It’s not me. It’s not most people. It’s limited and small. It needs to change.”

She went on, “The face of beauty literally needs to change. Which means the way we think of beauty needs to as well.”

Hell yes, Rain.

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