Sep 22, 2016
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9 Secrets You Don’t Know About Victoria’s Secrets

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1.Who is Victoria?

Just who is Victoria and what is her secret we hear you ask.

It turns out, the lady herself is none other than Queen Victoria. The first stores from the brand were designed to resemble Victorian boudoirs.

But what was her secret? We guess that’s something we’ll NEVER know.

2.Victoria’s budget

Ever wondered how much the 45-minute show sets back Victoria’s Secret bosses?

A staggering £10million. That’s everything from staging, lighting, models and acts. Glamorous work really IS expensive…

3.Purse busting net worth

But don’t worry about the budget blow out too much, as it was reported that the sexy lingerie business was worth an incredible $4.2 BILLION dollars in 2013.

4.How to be a VS model

It’s not just hot bodies and gorgeous faces that are required to become a Victoria’s Secret model. You also have to be directly appealing to the 98% female market of the brand. Sorry guys, but these models aren’t for you.

5.Drink ban

Apart from a regimented workout routine, VS Angel Adriana Lima uses other tactics to get her already incredible body into last minute shape. She bans all fluids.

Yup, not one drop of H20 or any another liquid passes her lips for 12 hours before the show. Thirsty work this modelling stuff.

6.Can you believe it?!

Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio have been part of the exclusive brand for the whole 14 years it’s been about. Age is definitely just a number to these two.

7.No celebs allowed

Not any old Hollywood hottie can just turn up and be a Victoria’s Secret model you know.

Ed Razek, the company’s chief marketing officer, recently revealed he has to turn down regular requests from high profile stars each month. Ouch.

8.Fantasy is right

Those fantasy bras are the talk of the town after the fashion show each year but, the one that really made a statement was from 2000. Costing an eye-watering £10million, Gisele Bundchen was the model lucky/brave enough to wear the most expensive bra of all time

9.One-year plan

There’s not too much time for celebrations and congratulations after the catwalk show as it’s straight back to the drawing board to begin planning for the year after.

A successful show takes exactly a whole year to plan which includes making every VS model re-audition for their role. Well, it is an exclusive club after all.


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