Jan 20, 2017
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9 Deep Dark Secrets Of The Kardashian Family

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Bruce Jenner and his pink nails made a splash on the internet on Tuesday, which sparks the rumors that the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians ” star is transitioning into a woman. Believe me, that’s not the only deep dark secret of the famous family.

Well, we have 9 deep secrets that the Kardashians would rather you know nothing about.Keep up with the secrets!

1.Sweat Shop Controversy

That dress you bought with their namesake last week might have been made in a sweat shop located in China. Of course, we cannot go to China to check this, but some might have been there…

A clothing manufacturer that once laid claim to the Kardashian products paid their workers 8 cents per garment.

Thankfully anything you buy at Sears with the family brand was not made in such conditions.

2.Scott Disick’s Family Past

When someone alerted NY police that Scott’s father, Jeffery Disick, had stolen money from a bank a year earlier, Jeffery turned himself in and was charged with petty larceny paid restitution and community service.

As a man who admitted his own flaws (anger issues), Scott remains in the spotlight because of his inability to deal with those very same flaws.

It’s great to acknowledge your own flaws, but you have to work on them. Lately, rumors have been going around that he’s causing trouble by spending excessive amounts of money on frivolous things.

3. Bruce and the Cross Dressing Scandal

Ex wife Chrystie Jenner revealed that Bruce enjoyed dressing in women’s clothing and lingerie during the course of their marriage.

“He’d clip my bras together and wear them,” she said. “I couldn’t live with that.”

Compared to the rest of the secrets, this one seems benign and even cute. Go Bruce, Go!

4. Kim Exploited Her Divorce

Ok no surprise here, but Kim did everything she could to exploit her divorce for profit.

She even approached Kris after the messy divorce and media storm asking him to film a farewell message for the show. You know, so she could make sure everyone knew she “always loved him”.

Of course, that’s why she ended the marriage in record time and then got pregnant with another man’s baby while still hitched.

5.  The Truth about the Sex Tape

Janice Dickenson revealed that the sex tape that dropped just months before the show was signed was a product of something Kris Kardashian did.

Both she and Kim reportedly signed a contract with Vivid to release the tape for a whopping 5 million dollars.

Let me write that again: 5 million dollars! That is really a lot of money for one clip… All I have to do now is get my own TV Show and start thinking about vacation plans.

6. Endless Sources Claim Khloe is Not a Real Kardashian

Every ex-wife of the late Robert Kardashian claim that he told them Khloe was not really his daughter.

Sources say her real father is Alex Roldan, but he signed a 30 million dollar non-disclosure agreement.

7. Kris Jenner Tortured Kim and Kourtney

According to Ellen Kardashian and the details she sold to In Touch magazine, Kris Jenner apparently tortured Kim and Kourtney with “hair-pulling, arm-twisting and repeated beatings”.

Those were only some of the dirty laundry from Ellen’s diary, which she sold.

Robert Kardashian’s widow received a lawsuit after Kardashians denied her claims, but Ellen started a countersuit so the battle is still on!

8. Kim’s Plastic Surgery

After having her first baby with Kanye, Kim began to seriously consider plastic surgery. Closer magazine wrote, “Kim’s really focused on getting back her size 8 figure.”

Also, it was reported that Kim’s main concern is her “droopy F-cup breasts”, and she’s also looking to do something on her tummy.

However, Kanye’s freaked out with the idea since his mother passed away after having plastic surgery.

9. Butt Implants

Kim has always rejected rumors about having surgery done on her famous butt, but a report called “The Making of Kim Kardashian” stated, “Kim had lipo on her legs and the doctor moved the fat into her butt.”

Kim didn’t respond to these allegations except from saying, “I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done.” Well, Kim, what else are you not telling us?


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