Oct 17, 2016
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20 Things That Can Be Used the Way You’ve Never Thought Of

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1. Use LEGO As A Cable Or Key Holder

2. Pop A Stocking Over The Head Of Vacuum Cleaner To Find Small, Missing Items

3. Use Your Car Spoiler As A Picnic Table

4. You Can Turn An Old Rake Into A Wineglass Holder

5. Use Clothespin To Hammer A Nail Safely

6. Use A Tennis Ball As An Item Holder

7. Use CD Holder To Hold Your Bagel Sandwich

8. You Can Turn Your Old Seatbelts Into A Key Holder

9. Turn An Old Ladder Into A Bookshelf

10. You Can Turn The Crib Into A Table When Children Grow Of It

11. You Can Turn An Old Ladder Into A Bookshelf

12. Use Bottle Caps To Seal Plastic Bags

13. Fill Any Container That Doesn’t Fit In The Sink With A Dustpan

14. Turn Your Old Suitcase Into A Chair

15. Use Your Pants Hanger As A Cookbook Holder

16. Use A Paper Clip To Help Put On A Bracelet When You Don’t Have Anyone Around

17. Use Bees Wax To Waterproof Your Shoes

18. Use A Post-It Note To Catch The Dust From Drilling

19. Use A Straw To Remove Stems From The Strawberries

20. Turn Your Old Table Into A Dog Bed

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