Oct 6, 2016
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19 Family Members Who Are Way, Way Too Close For Comfort

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1. Don’t you just love it when your brother caresses your butt – said no one ever

2. Everybody loves their mum, but not this much 

3. The word “cousin” should never be in the caption of an image like this. Ever.

4. If you’re in double digits, stop touching mum’s boobs

5. Nothing is more cringe-worthy than a brother-sister love.

6. This picture needs some explanation.

7. This might be the most redneck family photo that has ever been taken.

8. A girl should never feel the lips of her brother. Vice versa.

9. Whoever commented ‘sexay shit’ needs a strong speaking too

10. Grandpa is currently rolling around in his grave yelling, “Get the hell off my wife!”

11. Keeping it in the family isn’t always wise

12. I really love my sister…mainly for her tits

13. Some leaves are bigger than others…

14. …Why is this happening?

15. I don’t expect that Dad, that’s number 1 on my list of things not to expect

16. Reason #210 why your grandparents shouldn’t have Facebook

17. Someone needs to get their Aunt card revoked.

18. To love a persons feet, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll love almost every part of them

19. Dad? WTF.

Not sure what these family members were thinking, but…they need to stop because this is how I feel right now:


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