Feb 15, 2017
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18 Different Types of Kisses to Take Your Mate’s Breath Away

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Miss me, miss me, now you gotta kiss me.

1. Eskimo kiss.

An easy way to waste time. Literally involves no sensation, but will make a cool Instagram photo. It is not that cold outside.

2. Air kiss.

Basically another way of saying “we are just friends” without using words. No physical contact involved. Sucks ass.

3. Hand kiss.

Almost always used when you barely know the person. Actually just an easy way to pass germs from your hand to their mouth. Can be considered intimate, but don’t expect any waterworks resulting.

4. Forehead kiss.

Pretty sure this was only made for people without forehead acne. A bit more intimate than a hand kiss, however lacks lip contact.

5. The Angel kiss.

An expression of warmth and a way of showing that he will be missed, an angel kiss is the perfect way to send him on that trip abroad thinking about you. So, next time your Bae packs his bags for that business trip, just hold him and kiss him on the eyelids and tell him you’ll miss him. He won’t want to leave you for that waiting taxi!

6. Cheek kiss.

Somewhat reminds you of your parents kissing you goodbye before school. Not the best, but way better than a kiss on the hand because at least your face is involved.

7. Peck kiss.

Quick, short, and doesn’t do much. Typically for youngsters or elders who are past their prime.

8. Butterfly kiss.

This kiss is super intimate, but not everyone has eyelashes, so we’ll keep it in the middle.

9. Earlobe kiss.

Major turn on, although kind of gross if you really think about the spit drying in your ear. Perfect for doing in the shower.

10. Single lip kiss.

This kiss is very intimate and often very slow. Perfect during foreplay. Getting antsy just from the pic.

11. Spider-Man kiss.

This kiss is super fun, but sometimes difficult. Just the challenge of kissing upside down makes this kiss worthwhile. This position also already puts you close to that 69 form, so why not?

12. Neck kiss.

Probably the hottest kiss that doesn’t involve lip-to-lip contact. For sure will turn even the grumpiest person on.

13. French kiss.

Anything with a lot of tongue is a a high-ranker. Often leads to long make out sessions too.

14. Lizard kiss.

Tons of fun and so many options to play around with. Makes French kissing feel weak af.

15. Vampire kiss.

Pretty theatrical, but super effective in getting the juices flowing.

16. Bite and nibble kiss.

Looks and sounds like it would hurt. Only hurts your morals.

17. The Big Tease.

Sends chills throughout your entire body. Bring a blanket.

18. Australian kiss.

Cheat code for rocking someone’s world. Only for the realest of the real. Climax potential right here.

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