Oct 9, 2016
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16 Incredibly Hot Superhero Cosplays That’ll Get Your Heart Racing

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1. The Invisible Woman

Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman could not be more alluring. The subtle sex appeal of this hottie in her skin-tight suit would make any man hope to be rescued.

Let’s just hope that she doesn’t disappear afterwards, or the man rescued would end up scouring the earth in hopes of finding her again.

2. Elektra

With their hourglass figures emerging from the fertile imaginations of comic-book illustrators, female superheroes often make for some seriously sexy cosplays. And given her striking red outfit, few are more electrifying than Marvel’s Elektra.

3. Red Sonja

Red Sonja is a feisty barbarian from the Marvel stable. Here, artist and cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean slays it with this stunning costume made out of 500 aluminum scales and a 1,000 steel rings.

4. Super Girl

In the comic-book world, Super Girl possesses super speed, super strength, supersonic hearing and various other superpowers. In cosplay, she’s simply super.

5. Catwoman

One of the most iconic comic supervillains is Catwoman, from the Batman canon. In her all-black, body-hugging latex suit, her sensuous curves are the stuff of many a male fantasy. Here she is realized by Nadya Sonika in full retro vamp mode.

6. Ms. Marvel

With the power to conjure up bursts of energy and unleash them from her fingertips, Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, has proved too hot to handle for many a villain.

And Enji Night’s cosplay version of Danvers’ alter ego is suitably incendiary.

7. Wonder Woman

The first truly widely recognized superheroine, Wonder Woman was created in 1941.

And, still capturing the imaginations of cosplayers worldwide more than 70 years on, her wholesome charm is as timeless as it is wonderful.

8. Harley Quinn

One of Batman’s many adversaries is Harley Quinn, a friend of Poison Ivy and lover of the Joker. Brazilian cosplayer Sherrie gives it both barrels with this sassy homage.

9. Psylocke

Mutant superheroes do not get much hotter than Psylocke. This photo may be enhanced, but the female playing Psylocke definitely did not need editing to make jaws drop. Just don’t show this cosplayer to your teenage son, it may start an indecent obsession!

One thing is for sure, this incarnation of Psylocke does not need mind-control to get her way, there are more than enough eager males ready to jump to her every beck and call.

10. Black Cat

This is Katie George, who has made more than 100 cosplay outfits in a decade of cosplaying. Even the most superstitious of Marvel comic fans surely wouldn’t mind this Black Cat crossing their path.

11. Power Girl

Comic book lore has it that Power Girl’s artist drew her bust a little bigger with each edition to see if the editors would notice. It took several issues. Cosplayer Angie Griffin, then, thought she could take on the role with ease.

12. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is another adversary of Batman. She has a poisonous touch – although many fans might want to take their chances with intoxicating costume designer Naraku Brock’s version here.

13. Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Maximoff, is often found helping the Avengers with her spell-casting abilities. Model, costume designer and cosplayer Yaya Han, appropriately, works her magic with the character here.

14. Starfire

This Starfire cosplayer doesn’t really need the flame prop. With that fiery red hair and stunning outfit, things are quite hot enough here.

15. Magneto

Probably the most famous cosplayer of them all, Jessica Nigiri here re-imagines X- Men villain Magneto. With this outfit, she’s certainly got the magnetic attraction bit nailed.

16. Molotov Cocktease

This cosplayer chose her persona from the Adult Swim hit show “The Venture Bros.”. In a costume that does not leave much for the imagination, this seductive Comic-Con fan ensured that as “Molotov Cocktease” she grabs everyone’s attention.

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