Dec 12, 2016
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15 Weird Selfie Fails Prove That Selfie Sticks MUST GO

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From celebrities to kids, everyone is coming up with new selfie ideas for posting on social media.

Part monopod, part boom… Selfie Sticks make it easier to shoot your beloved self-portraits from a distance. Selfie sticks are the devil and we have proof.

1. Once dad thinks it’s cool, you know it’s time to move on

2. Flip-flop selfie stick

3. Garfield’s so gangsta

4. This pair who are making a right arse of themselves

5. This guy who quite simply took it too far

6. It almost made us lose all respect for Obama

7. No dining alone

8. This is How we take a selfie in Texas

9. There’s always that creepy uncle who forgot his shirt


10. The fakeout

11. These guys who are taking crotch selfies

12. This… OOPS

13. This gentleman who should really be watching the road

14. When you can’t afford a selfie stick

15. Someone finally figured it out

If you have a selfie stick, it’s time to put it down and back away slowly.


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