Jan 7, 2017
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15 Things Every 20-Something Should Do Before They Turn 30

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Your 20s are the years when you are most enthusiastic, energetic and happy. You are keen to step out of your comfort zone, to live the life you want to live. You have the time, and you have relatively few responsibilities. So if you’re not already making the most of it, it’s time you begin.

Don’t know where to start? These 15 ideas will help.

1. Start something of your own.

It could be something as simple as a blog, or as big as the next huge start-up. But you know you can, and you want to have something of your own. You’ll feel you have achieved something. And who knows, this little thing could help you decide the perfect career for yourself!

2. Learn one sport, even if you suck at it!

You’ll be using that energy at something productive. And what better way to exercise and make fitness a part of your life?

3. Update your wardrobe with completely new clothes.

Donate the old ones, and buy clothes that you have never worn. Change your style and work on your dressing sense and you’ll feel like a new and changed person.

4. Make a health routine and stick to it.

Your 20s are the time to have fun, but it’s also the time to take care of yourself. It’s important to be careful with your body, and value it. So make healthy choices. Eat more veggies. Opt for detox diets. Try yoga. Basically, anything that involves getting off your butt.

5. Try a cuisine you’ve never even heard of.

There’s so much food in the world, and so many things to try that you definitely need to strike these off your bucket list!

6. Carry your camera more often.

Because clicking pictures is making memories!

7. Give up on a habit you aren’t proud of!

It could be anything – smoking, procrastinating or checking your social media the moment you wake up!

8. Make yourself proud by buying your first car.

Or get that superbike. Getting your first car will make you more independent and teach you to manage your money well, because, let’s be frank, buying a car needs planning.

9. Read a good book/books.

Singular in case you are not a reader. Plural in case you’re a bookworm. Pick up classics, best fiction books and some non-fiction too! This is the highest yielding gift you can give yourself in your 20s.

10. Grow some plants and treat them like your baby.

Studies have revealed that gardening is actually good for your health. Experts suggest that gardening can release stress, keep you limber, and even improve your mood.

11. Make lots of lists. Future goals. Dream places. New words. Note down everything.

Make lots of lists and update them with the things you want to do. When you read them a few years from now, you’ll laugh at these!

12. Take a solo trip, in India and abroad.

Firstly, because you need to know if you can travel alone, how you feel and how fearless you are. Secondly, travel will expose you to new places, people and life lessons that will stay with you forever!

13. Write down your life lessons.

There are lots of things you’ve learnt in all these years. Note them down. It won’t be easy, but this will be a self-created treasure. Your experiences are a story that will help you improve how your life moves.

14. Face your fears!

What is it that scares you the most? Height? Darkness? Animals? Pick yourself up, and face them. This is the way you’ll get over them because darr ke aage jeet hai. 

15. Buy your parents a gift they’d never buy for themselves!

It could be a car, a trip to Europe, the expensive designer they’d never buy or anything else that will bring a smile to their face! They’ve raised you like a royal, and it’s your turn now!

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