Oct 4, 2016
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15 Hilarious Sext Fails That Definitely Didn’t Get Anyone Laid

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1. Be more specific and maybe you wouldn’t get vague, clever and sarcastic answers.

2. Send me a pic…

3. Seriously?

4. I absolutely, definitely, need to be friends with this guy.

5. First rule of sexting: if the other person is not into it, STOP.

6. The best way to kill a sext before it even becomes one

7. Dat ass is da only ass he needs to see to know you’re a keeper, cause that’s funny af.

8. She puts zero effort in the sass and it makes it even better.

9. Any more pics?

10. I know that wasn’t meant to turn anyone on, but it kind of worked on me.

11. This is for you

12. Technically, that’s an accurate picture of what they asked for.

13. Ouch, that’s gotta sting.

14. My bad.

15. So this is what Bill Clinton did after his presidency. He became a major cockblock.

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