Feb 16, 2017
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14 Tattoos That Will Make You Say “Damn, That’s Clever”

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Wish I thought of that.

1. This dunktastic Air Jordan tattoo:

2. The best way to let everyone know you’re deaf in one ear:

3. Pac Nipple:

4. The ultimate in tattoo technology:

5. The most clever toe tattoo out there:

6. The l’il oops tattoo:

7. The best way to let people know you can’t eat peanuts:

8. The best way to joke about your leg:

9. Darth Tattoo:

10. The perfect tattoo for music lovers:

11. The first man on the nipple:

12. The “This Little Piggy” tattoo:

13. The perfect tattoo for your Sisyphus fan club:

14. And the most useful tattoo ever:

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