Sep 29, 2016
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13 People Really Wanted to Be Barbies But Failed Hard

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1. I really hope this is a Photoshop fail

2. She looks dead.

3. Yes, that’s a guy trying to live an alternative life as a human ‘doll’.

4. Self proclaimed Barbie

5. This woman has gone under the knife 36 times to look like a human barbie. THIRTY-SIX TIMES!

6. And this woman has undergone $50,000 worth of plastic surgery to resemble a blow-up sex doll.

7. Ken you not?

8. Someone spent too much time in a tanning bed

9. Wax figure

10. This woman wears special iris-enlarging contact lenses, 14 pairs of fake eyelashes and thick makeup in order to look like a Tree of Life Barbie doll.

11. What’s with the eyebrows?

12. No need for an upclose pic!

13. This is way too much!

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