Sep 27, 2016
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13 Celebrities Who Were Way Too Raunchy for Instagram

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1. Rihanna

If Beyonce has become the regal Queen of social media, Rihanna pushes the raunchy thing big time.

Followers were hot for RiRi lounging on fur rugs in front of a fireplace, smoking joints in Amsterdam, and nearly naked in almost-not-there bikini shots.

2. Kim Kardashian

While Kylie and Kendall are both around 20-years old, Kim is 35 and a mother of two. And she hasn’t slowed down the sexy pictures she posts on Instagram.

Some loved it. Others suggested she grow old gracefully. Maybe, just maybe, she is trying too hard these days.

3. Miley Cyrus

If they gave an award for trying hardest to be bad, Miley would take it hands down.

She is a kind of Disney version of in your face. A little rich, white girl trying hard to be bad. Often these tirades of raunch come just before something important, like an upcoming tour or the VMA awards. She’s gotten into hot water with Instagram for posting topless photos that Instagram removed from the site.

4. Nicki Minaj

The undisputed Queen of in your face sexy, strong, rapper, singer, songwriter Nicki Minaj, is not afraid of controversy. In fact, she loves it.

OK Magazine even did a whole gallery of the best NM “most naked” Instagram posts, calling it an “Investigation of Nicki Minaj’s Very Naked Instagram Account”.

5. Kesha

This rapper is sexy without even trying. And she knows it big time. But she still tries way too hard. And her Instagram account is more of the same.

There have been times when she and Miley seem to be competing for the ‘most raunchy babe on Instagram title’.

6. Chrissy Teigen

The girl has admitted to having sex with her husband John Legend… on a commercial flight, no less. She’s not afraid to flaunt that fabulous body of hers.

Instagram removes her raunchy photos. She posts another “boob-baring” image. Well, that’s what you do if you are named one of the 10 sexiest supermodels on social media.

7. Emily Ratajkowski

Sultry, sexy 20-something year old model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, hit it big in Gone Girl.

Her main tactic on Instagram is to see how much she can flaunt, just how much they will let her get away with.

8. Amber Rose

What can we say about Amber Rose? The model, actress, fashion designer is not beautiful in the classical sense, but she exudes an earthy sexiness.

In a kind of tribute, OK Magazine ran a gallery of her most naked Instagram snaps. Accused of using Photoshop to improve her appearance (all over?), she has said that, while she does filter pictures, no Photoshop is used.

9. Courtney Stodden

There is nothing subtle about this reality star bombshell. She is Playmate sexy.

It was a publicity shot for her single “Asphalt”. There were little discs barely covering her private bits in the full frontal shot. And Asphalt was scrawled all over her body. But Instagram said no way.

Technically, the picture may be complied with the “community rules”, but maybe Courtney, who was clearly channeling a serious Marilyn Monroe vibe, was just too damn sexy for Instagram.

10. Madonna

From the girl who brought you conical breasts in the 1980s, Madonna is another one who has not aged particularly well, save for that body. Can someone tell her to act her age?

Instagram has warned her about raunchy photos: Take ’em off or else. Some said Madonna was well and truly too hot for Instagram. Not just light on clothing, but also suggestive, mature, adult.

11. Lady Gaga

This mega-star is punk, alternative sexy. Like Madonna before her, she outrages and tantalizes in equal measure.

The Instagram picture of her sitting naked curled up in a chair went viral. Then there was the one taken on a plane, exposing that nipple yet again. We bet the other passengers appreciated her sharing.

Lady Gaga is not sexy bombshell a la Courtney Stodden, but in your face “I do as I please” like Madonna and Miley Cyrus. NSFW equals raunchy and fun, we think.

12. Miranda Kerr

Now that she’s engaged to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, will she move from Instagram to Snapchat, that haven of sexting and the like?

She’s another serial posting naked kind of girl. “Another” naked picture of Miranda Kerr on Instagram captures her free-wheeling, classy sexy style. A queenly, regal nakedness we think.

13. Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is funny. She is a stand-up comedian and producer who has catapulted to fame and fortune. So, her sexy has to have a little fun in it. Like the naked “goddess” Instagram picture of her alongside a statue of a goddess.

Sexy and funny. The best of both worlds. Madonna could do with a little more funny and a lot less sexy and raunchy.


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