Oct 3, 2016
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12 Hot Female Celebs Who Are Proud to Be All Natural

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12. Jennifer Aniston

There have always been rumors about Jennifer Aniston having undergone plastic surgery to stay as youthful looking as she does, but according to the actress herself, the real reason why she’s aging so well is all down to her diet and fitness routine.

Aniston says she works out as much as she can while her eating habits are very regular, yet very clean. She doesn’t consider herself a vegan, but you wouldn’t see Jennifer eating pizza numerous times a week.

The former Friends star says she’s a firm believer of what they say about moisturizing — you go a week without a good moisturizer and you’ll already find yourself looking much older than you really are.

Combine all of these three things together and you have a well-ageing 47-year-old, who could easily be mistaken for 37.

11. Angelina Jolie

When Angelina Jolie comes to mind, the only thing one can think of are those juicy lips. For years, maybe even decades, people speculated whether they were fake or not. Throughout her career as an actress, Jolie would always be bombarded with questions on how she got her lips to look the way that they do. Her reaction was always priceless: she was born with it.

When photos of Angelina as a child surfaced early on in her career, it was evidently clear that she wasn’t lying when she said she’s always had fuller lips — even as a nine-year-old.

10. Jessica Simpson

Sure, she can’t tell if it is chicken or if it’s fish that she’s eating, but who cares?

Jessica Simpson not only has a nice voice, but she also possesses a pretty nice rack, if you ask us. The blonde bombshell has battled her weight on and off for a few years, but hey, give her a break. She looks downright beautiful right now.

Of course, it is hard to miss her expansive chest, but besides that, she is all natural and she has a lovely face, too. The 35-year-old mother of two is not afraid to show off her body either, just check out her Instagram.

9. Kate Upton

Wowza, Kate Upton makes us go red when we see her in a swimsuit. The groundbreaking model made waves when she began to show off her curves as a full-figured model.

She is not considered to have the “ideal” body according to the modeling industry, but to us she just looks amazing; a girl with the curves to show off her feminine assets.

At just 23 years of age, we can probably expect to see her in more cover ads and features, and hopefully, she will be posing for more Sports Illustrated photo shoots and spending time on the beach in the very near future.

8. Beyonce

Yeah, it seems a bit unfair to put Beyonce on our list, but hey, she is human just like the rest of these women.

She just happens to be Queen B: music and business mogul, mother of Blue Ivy, and wife of Jay-Z. Plus, she has one of the most successful female singing careers on the planet.

Bey also has an enviable body and continues to do a good job of helping to promote a body image that does not favor a waif-like figure.

Besides having a stellar chest, Beyonce also possesses legs, hips, and a booty to kill, and she certainly knows how to shake what she’s got on the stage.

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer has often been cited as having one of the most impressive natural racks in Hollywood, even if people try to say that she got cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer has never said that she has gotten a boob job, and with a chest like hers that is allegedly all natural, we just had to put her on this list.

6. Scarlett Johansson

And then we saw Scarlett Johansson, and we doubted whether we would ever be able to admire a pair of boobs ever again. That is because Scarlett is like an ideal Greek or Roman sculpture; everything about her just seems to be perfect.

It really is no surprise that Scarlett continually ranks high on the lists of hottest women by Maxim, FHM, and other publications. It’s hard to match her rack, but these next 5 women may have even nicer ones.

5. Rihanna 

How this woman has never gone under the knife seems to baffle everyone.

This pop star is so beautiful, it should be a crime to be this good looking. Even if you’re not a fan of this Bajan-singer, there’s no denying that she possesses all the right things to be considered a top model.

Rihanna is one hell of a beautiful woman, so it shouldn’t surprise people that there are some who think her good looks are all thanks to her surgeons. Sorry to disappoint, but this young lady is completely natural.

4. Halle Berry

Someone once tried to heckle Halle Berry saying that her boobs were uneven. The actress’ response? “That’s what happens when they’re real.” Oh! Yes, Halle Berry has real boobies, unlike some Hollywood celebrities, and she is not afraid to love on them. Perky, drooping, or looking a bit uneven, it doesn’t matter.

Besides, Halle is a beautiful and accomplished woman to boot, so it really doesn’t matter what she looks like. She is always hot.

We still can’t believe that Halle is nearly 50 years old, considering that she could still pass for being in her 30s. She is such a gem!

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry first showed us that she was a tomboy with major sex appeal when her “I Kissed a Girl” video came out. Then she upped the ante and became even more of an international sex symbol.

With hits like “ET,” “California Gurls,” and “Roar,” we saw that Katy definitely came to terms with her ample bosom. Apparently, she wasn’t always so fond of them, especially since she just hit puberty in what seems like a split second.

But now the 31-year-old is all grown up, she has a hot boyfriend (Orlando Bloom) and she still sells out venues and arenas all around the world.

2. Christina Hendricks

Extremely famous for her role in Mad Men, Christina Hendricks has a body that would drive just about any man mad.

The 41-year-old star has one of the most enviable and ample chests we have ever seen, Hollywood and beyond. If she weren’t in such acclaimed A-list productions, we might mistake her for an adult film actress. That is because she wears a dress size 8, yet is said to be a 32F cup size. That’s insane!

The fiery beauty is set to appear in Fist Fight and Bad Santa and we cannot wait to see her hotness on the big screen again!

1. Sofia Vergara

Lovely, light-hearted, and unapologetically Latin, Sofia Vergara is one curvaceous beauty that we would share a Diet Pepsi with anytime.

The 43-year-old Colombian beauty is most known for her role in the ABC series Modern Family, but Sofia is also a producer, model, entrepreneur, comedienne, and TV hostess. Yes, the woman does a lot, and all while looking absolutely stunning.

We love that even though Sofia is super busty, she is also down-to-earth and is very serious about her career. She strives to do her best all the time and hey, it definitely pays off as far as her awards cabinet is concerned.


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