Nov 30, 2016
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10 Kim Kardashian Doppelgangers From Around the World

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In a world of Instagram chicks and endless contouring, we’re bound to get a duck face or two that starts looking the same as the rest.

But the holy grail of duck face goals clearly points towards Queen Kim herself as the ultimate goal and inspiration. Men want her, and women want to be her. So much, that she’s started to garner her own set of Kim K Klones on Instagram that look eerily similar to the Armenian beauty.

1. Sonia

This makeup artist lives between London and the Middle East, making her a global sensation just like Kim. From the glossed pout to those lashes and high pony, Sonia easily passes as a doppelganger.

2. Jimena Sanchez

Jimena Sanchez isn’t just sizzling, she’s a TV host on Fox Sports. A babe this hot and she has a job in sports? She might have a one up on Kim in that case. 1.7 million fans tend to agree.

3. Claudia Sampedro

This Cuban model has her own workout clothing line called Bare Ava, and models her sexy and curvaceous body in her own designs. Kim says Kanye thinks her boobs are underrated? Well, we think Claudia’s might be too.

4. Kami Osman

This stunner posts pics of her dreamy lifestyle similar to Kim’s luxurious and feminine snaps. She mimics the Kardashians’ affinity for a neutral palette, and strappy swimsuits. Even bare-faced, this babe’s a dead ringer for Kim.

5. Lilit Avagyan

This Kim K doppelganger might hit a little too close to home for Mrs. Kardashian West. Why? Because she happens to be married to Kim’s ex, reggie bush. Guess someone has a type.

6. Marianna Hewitt

This lifestyle blogger used to be a TV host, but her makeup junkie skills shine through just like Kim’s! She’s a little less curvy than the KKK star, but that bone structure and luscious tan similarity is hard to deny. Her and Kim could be sisters in another life.

7. Jelena Peric

This beauty and fashion blogger bares a startling resemblance to Kim K. Even her modeling skills! She is channeling pure Queen K in this sexy boudoir shoot, pink robe billowing behind.

8. Milana Aslani

It’s not hard to believe that this vixen has her own line, Milana Cosmetics. Her matte liquid lip sells out fast, so Kim isn’t the only Kardashian that Ms. Aslani bears similarities to.

9. Kathy

The booty on this Cubana almost puts Kim’s to shame! Her curves are bountiful and she’s not afraid to flaunt them. 3.7 millions followers aren’t scared to take advantage of that confidence, either.

10. Melissa Molinaro

This Instagram cutie who is a Canadian actress, dancer, and designer is all about her workouts. It’s not hard to believe, with her Kardashian-quality curves. Her face is a little less heavily contoured than Kim’s, but still bares resemblance, along with those tousled beach waves.


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